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New Modules with Factory Warranty  starting at .21/watt

Currently we have more than 10,000 of 310 watts modules. They are located in various states such as in GA, FL, AZ  and TN.


REC 310 Watts Solar PV Modules

   New Solar Modules with Factory Power Output Warranty

These pallets have been stored at a secured site in an open area for 3-4 years, and thus the original packaging (cardboard box, cardboard edge protectors / cardboard stiffeners and the wooden pallet)  have been weathered. Therefore, these pallets will be re-palletized using strict guidelines from REC solar and there will be some level of scrutiny from REC solar to oversee the re-palletization effort.

Pallets details:

Dimensions/pallet: 80”x42”x53” ( LxBxH)

Weight/pallet: approx. 1550 lbs

28 pallets per 53’ truck

Why REC solar panel is the best option?

  • Cheapest solar panel in the US soil
  • These are new and the end users can claim 26% federal tax credit. This is reduce the price even lowered.
  • Has Factory power output warranty
  • 1.75” thick frames. Best for higher wind-load areas.
  • Solar Panels manufactured in Singapore by Norwegian based company.

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