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REC 310 Watts Solar PV Modules

   New Solar Modules with Factory Power Output Warranty

These pallets have been stored at a secured site in an open area for 3-4 years, and thus the original packaging (cardboard box, cardboard edge protectors / cardboard stiffeners and the wooden pallet)  have been weathered. Therefore, these pallets will be re-palletized using strict guidelines from REC solar and there will be some level of scrutiny from REC solar to oversee the re-palletization effort.

Pallets details:

Dimensions/pallet: 80”x42”x53” ( LxBxH)

Weight/pallet: approx. 1550 lbs

28 pallets per 53’ truck

Why REC solar panel is the best option?

  • Cheapest solar panel in the US soil
  • These are new and the end users can claim 26% federal tax credit. This is reduce the price even lowered.
  • Has Factory power output warranty
  • 1.75” thick frames. Best for higher wind-load areas.
  • Solar Panels manufactured in Singapore by Norwegian based company.

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